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Tunturi T30 Treadmill


Tunturi T30 Treadmill

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Tunturi T30 Treadmill Details:

The Tunturi T30 has a large foldable running area, a top speed of 12mph, a maximum elevation of 12% and a 2.5hp continuous duty motor. Robust, smooth the T30 is bulit to last!

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Tunturi T30 Treadmill
Tunturi T30 Treadmill
Tunturi T30 Treadmill
Tunturi T30 Treadmill
Tunturi T30 Treadmill

Tunturi T30 Treadmill - Details

One of the finest Tunturi treadmills the T30 is easy to use, reliable and comfortable. It has a large foldable running area, a top speed of 12mph, a maximum elevation of 12% and a 2.5hp continuous duty motor. Robust, smooth and incredibly functional, this T30 is designed to last!

The Tunturi T30 treadmill is one of the most robust machines on the market designed to withstand the most intense usage from the biggest of athletes.

Featuring the unique Tunturi T-Flex ™running base and available at a truly affordable price the Tunturi T30 Folding Treadmill has a range of impressive features.

The console features T-Pulse™, 7 preset T-Scale™ programmes, hot keys and contact heart monitor. It also comes with remote controls for speed and elevation for increased safety when working out.

Tunturi T30 Treadmill Key Features:

  • Fully shock absorbent T-Flex™ running deck ensures safe and comfortable workout every time
  • Safe heart rate training with 3 heart rate modes or via pulse handgrips. (Wireless heart rate monitor belt is an optional extra with this treadmill)
  • 'Hot Keys' and handrail remote control for speed and elevation adjustment make exercising easy
  • 3 user programmes for totally personalised training
  • Easy to read LED displays on the console give a comprehensive display of your training progress.
  • Quick safety stop in case of an emergency.
  • Large running deck for a beginner's treadmill - belt size 50 x 150 cm
  • Bottle holder
  • Easy to fold and transport within your home
  • Low instep frame makes training stable and safe
  • Stylish Tunturi Silver Grey colour

Tunturi T30 Treadmill Specifications:

  • Speed: 0.5-12.5 mph
  • Elevation: 0 - 12% adjustable in 1% steps
  • Motor: 2.5 hp continuous duty
  • Power supply: mains current
  • Running area: 50 x 150 cm
  • Length / * folded: 190 cm / *82 cm
  • Width 91 cm
  • Height / * folded 138 cm / *186 cm
  • Weight: 112 kg
  • Use: home
  • Max user weight: 135 kg / 300 lbs
  • Warranty: 3 years parts & labour (option to extend a further 2 years by having the machine serviced by Tunturi in year 3)

Tunturi offers most advanced and motivating fitness equipment available. It is is not only one of the globally best-known and leading fitness brands; it is actually the very origin of the fitness industry!

The legendary Tunturi W1 ergometer was introduced in 1969, which led the way to the indoor fitness industry as we know it today. Ever since, Tunturi has been a pioneer in fitness solutions often with unique patented features for more effective, motivating and safe training.

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What is the Best Treadmill for Me?

Here a few important features that you should consider before purchasing a treadmill.

Heart rate monitor/sensor

Many of the latest treadmills have heart rate sensors, usually located in convenient handle grips in front of the main console. Holding these for a short while will display your heart rate, enabling you to adjust your speed etc to increase or lower it, depending on your goals.

Safety grips

Often containing the heart rate monitors as well, these are a typical safety feature of electric treadmills, enabling you to keep steady, especially when running at higher speeds.

Running Belt

This is the rubber belt that all treadmills have. They come in various sizes, bigger ones allowing more comfort for faster runs, however a bigger belt means a bigger treadmill, which isn't always ideal.


Incline is an additional feature of many electric treadmills. An incline is intended to simulate different running terrains (hills, etc). A higher incline increases the difficulty of the run. Many treadmills will have pre-set programs that may alter the incline frequently over the run to simulate a more natural experience.

Pre-set training programmes

This feature is excellent for both beginners and advanced runners. Most treadmills will come preloaded with a number of training programs, ranging from a beginner simple timed jog, to the advanced 'all terrain' interval training. These are an excellent way to both gain fitness, and to provide interesting variety in to your training.

Console Display

Most modern treadmills also have a visual display giving you feedback about your workout; distance travelled, calories burned, speed etc. These are often controllable too, enabling you to have the information most important to you on screen at all times.

Speed setting

This is an important setting on all treadmills, and you need to be careful when adjusting. Each model may have a different speed range, as a rough guide up to 12km is fine for beginners, 14-16kmh for medium to advanced runners, and up to 18kmh for professionals and runners in serious training.

Features Most Important to You?

As well as the basic features of the machine it is also worth considering your goals, and checking the machines suitability for them.

Below are some common goals, and things to look out for that will help achieving it.

Goal Consider
Event training An electric treadmill with a higher top speed.
Better running speed An electric treadmill with preset training programmes and heart monitor.
Get fit All treadmills are good for this, but the more features (heart monitor, incline etc) the easier and more enjoyable it will be.
Lose weight Any treadmill, check it can take your body weight, and feels secure.
Have fun Preset programs, variable speeds and inclines can all make running more interesting.

Other things to consider...


Obviously a manual (non electric) treadmill will afford better value for money, and often be more compact. However if you are likely to become serious about your training, you may wish to consider an electric treadmill. Powered treadmills are available in a wide range of prices, and a quality machine can now cost just a few hundred, rather than thousand pounds.


In general treadmills tend to take up a lot of room. As a guide a decent sized machine will occupy the same floorspace as a single bed. Don't forget to allow for some space around the machine as well, for both safety and comfort.

Will I need any additional equipment?

This will depend largely on your personal goals. Treadmills are an excellent way to improve general fitness and lose weight. If your goals also include upper body fitness and or increased muscle, then you may want to consider looking at additional home gym equipment such as an Abdominal exerciser, and or a weights bench.

Foldable, or Not?

One of the biggest differences amongst treadmills, both manual and electric is whether it's foldable or not.

The space saving benefits of a folding treadmill are obvious, but is that all there is to it? Let's take a look at the bigger picture, and hopefully help you decide which is more suitable for you.

As we have said already, the number one benefit of a folding treadmill clearly is that it can save you space. Sometimes its simply a case of folding it up, then sliding it in to a cupboard, or under the bed, and it's no longer to be seen.

This has the added benefit of making cleaning much easier too. If you only have the treadmill out when you are using it, you wont have to move it every time you want to vacuum etc.

These two benefits alone are often enough to make people decide on a folding treadmill, and indeed for those with limited space it may well be essential. However for those that do have enough space, there are other issues that are very much worth considering.

Health and Safety

In terms of health and safety, by far the most important quality of a treadmill is its stability. Non folding treadmills almost always out perform folding ones in this area. Have you noticed that in a commercial gym, all the treadmills are large solid units, the reason for this being the stability and safety they provide.

This is not to say that folding treadmills are unsafe, many of today's top folding models have a great level of stability. However most serious runners will naturally go for the solid machine based on this fact alone.

Convenience vs Stability

It is worth considering the convenience versus stability issue when you make a purchase, but sometimes the decision will already be made for you (space available, and budget). The important thing over all is to buy the best quality machine that suits your goals within your budget. Safe and consistent work outs are the best way to guarantee meeting your goals.