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Kettler UNIX PX Elliptical Cross Trainer


Kettler UNIX PX Elliptical Cross Trainer

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Kettler UNIX PX Elliptical Cross Trainer Details:

Kettler UNIX PX elliptical cross trainer has all the qualities you would expect, including 19" stride length, 20kg flywheel, magnetic brake system, LCD monitor with 10 programmes.

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Kettler UNIX PX Elliptical Cross Trainer
Kettler UNIX PX Elliptical Cross Trainer

Kettler UNIX PX Elliptical Cross Trainer - Details

Kettler UNIX PX Elliptical Cross Trainer is the newest addition to the Kettler cross trainer range. Being German built and engineered it has all the qualities you would expect, including 19" stride length, 20kg flywheel, magnetic brake system, LCD monitor with 10 programmes.

The console has a new "heart rate light" that turns blue, green or red to let you know at a glance whether you're working too hard, not hard enough or whether you're doing just the right amount of work to reach you fitness goals. A great machine that's great value for money.

Kettler UNIX PX Elliptical Cross Trainer Key Features:

  • Magnetic brake system offers 15 electronically controlled stages of resistance
  • Flywheel Weight: 20 kg
  • 3 colour back lit LCD with 10 programmes including Heart Rate Control 
  • ‘Heart rate light’ feature ensures optimum training zone. Monitor turns a blue colour when heart rate not high enough, green = ideal zone, red = heart rate too high
  • Target zone training (fat/fit/manual). Recovery pulse and fitness test.
  • Continuous display of 8 functions
  • Integrated POLAR compatible receiver
  • Visual and audible alarm when exceeding max heart rate
  • Stride Length: 19 inch
  • EXT technology ensures large stride length, while still having a small footprint to save floor space
  • Pendulum ball bearing in disk joints
  • Perspiration-resistant keys
  • Adjustable treads
  • Transport castors at front and height adjustment at rear
  • Maximum User Weight: 150 kg
  • Dimensions - Set Up (L x W x H): 144 x 56 x 162cm
  • Leg levellers: yes
  • Colour: light and dark grey, black and silver
  • Made in Germany
  • Warranty: 3 years parts and labour

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Features to Look for in an Elliptical Cross Trainer

Not all cross trainers are created equal. There are two major types of trainers on the market and the differences are vast. A belt cross trainer gives you a basic workout tool and works best for those who don’t need to vary their routine much. They are generally smaller and thus don’t take up as much space as their counterparts, however most only offer one level of resistance, or the resistance must be manually adjusted.

Magnetic cross trainers on the other hand, offer much more by way of variety. Electromagnets create the resistance based on the effort you put in, therefore the more fit you become, the harder the machine will make you work. Another added benefit is that magnetic trainers are by and large quieter while they operate.

The Anatomy of a Cross Trainer

The arms or levers act like vertical handlebars. They provide both stability while operating the machine and an ovoid motion to work your upper body. The foot pedals also move in ovals and are usually covered with a non-slip surface such as rubber to keep your feet in place during your workout.

The key ingredient inside the cross trainer is the flywheel, which creates momentum in response to your effort and allows you to build up to a comfortable pace without jarring your joints.

A heart rate monitor is most often found in the handle grip and detects your pulse to let you know how you’re doing. If you use models with this feature, you must keep in mind that the best heart rate for the most beneficial exercise routine is between 70 and 80 percent of your maximum.

The digital display available on many models is useful for those who are interested in tracking their progress. Most often they have an LCD screen that provides you with a variety of information like speed, calories burned, time and even distance covered – as though you were actually cross-country skiing. The control buttons that usually surround the display allow you to program the machine as well as record your performance for comparison to your goals later.

What are My Goals?

Before you buy, you must first decide what you hope to get from a cross trainer. Few people use just a cross trainer in their routines even though they do provide a great full body workout. More often than not, people will use the cross trainer as a tool to increase and maintain fitness so they can participate in other activities like swimming or cycling.

What Features Do I Need?

If your main goal is to use your trainer for losing weight and increase your overall fitness, almost any cross trainer will do, so long as it is capable of taking your body weight. A heart rate monitor will not only keep you challenged but also help to keep you safe, especially if you are just starting out.

Are you trying to increase your overall strength and flexibility? A programmable cross trainer might be your best bet. Resist the urge to start at too high a level though. Remember, the goal is to improve your overall health, not hurt yourself!

Elliptical Cross Trainers Buyer's Guide

It looks a little like cross country skiing only without the cool clothes and the snow. Two long handles that resemble ski poles and two foot pads. We’ve all seen them at the gym and many are scared to even consider stepping on one. Who can blame them? At first glance, the Cross Trainer (or Elliptical Machine) can be intimidating, especially for someone who is trying to get into shape and doesn’t have the best body or coordination in the world. Ironically enough, those very things might make the Cross Trainer perfect for you!

What can a Cross Trainer Do for Me?

Two of the biggest obstacles that stand between most people and their fitness goals are weight and inflexibility. As we age, those two factors can become even more of a problem and too often people will become too frustrated to even try. If this sounds like you, you should consider buying a Cross Trainer for yourself.

A Cross Trainer can help you to burn calories more efficiently than just walking or jogging without the tremendous stress on your joints that other exercise equipment can cause. It is an efficient full body exercise tool that works your arms, legs, glutes and even your stomach at the same time, making it an ideal way to lose weight.

The fluid motion of a Cross Trainer gives it the alternate name – elliptical trainer – because it moves your body in ovoid (oval) elliptical motions, thus helping to increase overall flexibility without the risk of more jarring exercises.

How much is this going to cost me?

Before considering a Cross Trainer, you need to have a realistic budget in mind. This is exercise equipment and much like anything else in life, you get what you pay for. The starting price for a basic model trainer is about £150, with higher end models going for prices well into the thousands of pounds. More expensive models often have a more fluid motion due to a larger flywheel as well as magnetic resistance. Electromagnets in the machine mean that you won’t have to waste your time or energy adjusting the resistance manually.

Where am I gonna put this thing?

Space is an important consideration before purchasing any exercise equipment. If you don’t have much space that should not discourage you though. There are many models in as many different sizes and surely one will work for your needs. It is best to measure the space you have in mind for your equipment before shopping, so you will avoid bringing something home that just won’t fit!

What can it do for me?

If you’re the type who is easily bored with the same routine, fear not! There are computerized Cross Trainers that offer both preset and customizable workout routines to challenge and keep you from getting complacent. Some higher end models even have a heart rate monitor that will automatically adjust resistance to keep your heart rate close to optimal levels, thus making your workout do more for you will less effort on your part.

Using an Elliptical Cross Trainer Like a Pro

Cross trainers - also known as elliptical trainers because of the elliptical range of motion it provides to the arms and legs - can be an incredibly useful tool in your exercise arsenal. Though you might not believe it based on first glance, they are not complicated machines. Still, in order to get the most out of your cross trainer it is best that you learn how to use it properly to achieve the maximum fat burning and body toning benefit with the least risk of injury.

First things first – Read the manual! For most, it is the first thing out of the box and the first thing tossed aside. The User Manual is there for a reason. It can provide you with invaluable information about the operation and maintenance of your purchase as well as help you avoid the frustration that may lead to giving up your workout routine altogether. It will explain all of the features of your particular machine, their purpose and how to best use them.

If you’re like most, it is easier to learn if you can see someone doing what needs to be done. Your cross trainer may have come with an instructional video or DVD. If so, be sure to watch it! There are often tips and guidelines you might not otherwise know about that could just make the difference for you. Should your machine not have an instructional video, there are many available that also provide guided workout to keep your motivation level up.

Let’s say you have purchased a new cross trainer and it is still sitting in the corner of the room taunting you because you’re too intimidated to try it. Take advantage of a free trial or guest pass at your local gym where you can see other real people using cross trainers and if you so desire ask one of their qualified experts to help you learn how to use it safely and for the most benefit.

  • Make sure you have good quality shoes and that they are laced up properly and tied securely. The cross trainer has moving parts that can easily snag a dangling shoelace.
  • Always consult your physician or health care expert before starting an exercise routine.

Probably the most important thing to bear in mind when starting out on your new cross trainer is to take it one step at a time. Start slowly, with an easy / beginner program and work your way up as it becomes more natural and comfortable for you. A cross trainer is not intended to cause your heart rate to skyrocket only to see you get winded and stop suddenly after only a couple of minutes – that’s not only counteractive, it is dangerous. You should set aside no less than 20 -30 minutes each time you want to use your equipment.